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Lucky Ring in Ruby

Hidden Starfish
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Lucky Ring in Natural Ruby and solid 14k Gold. This beautiful solid 14k gold cluster set ring features four natural rubies. 

  • Four 3mm Rubies
  • Approximately 0.60 carats total weight
  • Solid 14k Gold

Ruby is the birthstone for July. Many cultures considered ruby to be the stone of the kings. Rubies were traded along China's North Silk Road as early as 200 BCE. Chinese nobleman believed that rubies granted protection, adorned their armor with them, and buried rubies beneath building foundations to secure good fortune. The ancient Burmese believed rubies had protective qualities and considered them the stones of soldiers. Rubies symbolize power, protection, passion, love, and commitment.

Rubies are a gem quality type of red corundum. A fine quality ruby can vary in color from pure vibrant red to a slightly purplish red color. Due to the natural origin of this stone colors may vary. Please remember photos typically do not do gems justice.

Each piece of jewelry from Hidden Starfish is made in the USA and casted from certified ethically mined and recycled metals. All our gemstones are Earth mined, guaranteed genuine, and sourced from sustainable accredited suppliers. Hidden Starfish will donate 10% of proceeds to benefit the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

Please remember this ring is made to order. Please allow up to 10 business days for the creation and shipping of your new favorite ring!