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Lucky Ring in Alexandrite

Hidden Starfish
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Lucky Ring in Natural Alexandrite and solid 14k Gold. This beautiful solid 14k gold cluster set ring features four natural alexandrites. 

  • Four 3mm Natural Alexandrites
  • Approximately 0.48 carats total weight
  • Solid 14k Gold 

Alexandrite is on of the birthstones for June. Alexandrite was discovered in the early 1830s in the Ural Mountains. Legend has it that Alexandrite gained its name because it was discovered on the birthday of the future Czar Alexander II. The color changing mystique and rarity of gemstone has contributed to alexandrite's folklore. Alexandrite symbolizes good luck, balance, creativity, and intuition.

Alexandrite is a rare type of chrysoberyl that exhibits a pleochroic phenomena, meaning the stone will appear a different color depending on the lighting. Alexandrite will shine yellow-green to greenish-blue in natural and fluorescent light, and shine red to purplish-red in incandescent light (a common light bulb or candlelight). Alexandrite is a precious and rare stone and is sometimes known as an emerald by day and ruby by night.  

Due to the natural origin of these stones colors may vary. Please remember photos typically do not do gems justice. Due to the nature of color changing stones alexandrite is extremely hard to photograph. 

Each piece of jewelry from Hidden Starfish is made in the USA and casted from certified ethically mined and recycled metals. All our gemstones are Earth mined, guaranteed genuine, and sourced from sustainable accredited suppliers. Hidden Starfish will donate 10% of proceeds to benefit the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

Please remember this ring is made to order. Please allow up to 10 business days for the creation and shipping of your new favorite ring!